Your Favorite Year of Wizard101 – Kevin BattleFlame

This is my favorite year i love helping others level up and getting new sells

i also love the fishing wizard101 is my most favorite game ever and everyone should play Username: piggles1019

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Another day, another blog winner for our Birthday Blog Celebration Contest!  Today Kevin BattleFlame, level 84 death Wizard, tells us about his favorite year of Wizard101 so far – 2012!

Wizard101 made a lot of awesome updates, like the pet updates, the new spell updates, the world, quests and a lot more updates, they were all awesome, but we all have a specific update that we like most, in my opinion 2012 had some of those updates that I really liked most, let’s start!

wizard101-2012-2May:-Avalon, new spells and pets.
First of all we have the medieval, fantasy world, Avalon! it’s the world where Merle Ambrose came from, I got really excited when this world was added and actually this world is the best world I have ever experienced; because I loved that it was somewhat like the medieval age where knights, giants, goblins and a lot more were in…

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